Cutting Red Ribbon In Online Shops For Overseas Filipinos

By Samantha Forest

There are many bakeshops in the Philippines that provide a wide variety of premium cakes to their Filipino customers. Some bakeshops are only popular on their location, and some bakeshops are recognized nation wide and even world wide. And among of the many bakeshops in the Philippines that even made their footing of US soil is the Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop is a popular bakery in the Philippines and in the United States, offers the widest range of cakes and pastries that will sure hit the taste of Filipinos, in and out of the country. The Red Ribbon Bakeshop began in 1979 in Quezon City along Timog Avenue, it is where the first Red Ribbon Bakeshop opened its door to its customers.

It started its franchising in the year of 1999. But before they started that, the Red Ribbon Bakeshop first opened their first US branch in West Covina, California.

A few years back, the Red Ribbon Bakeshop isn’t as popular as other bakeshops in the Philippines. Back in the days, when you as a Filipino if they know the Red Ribbon Bakeshop, they would only sway their heads because as I said, it isn’t as popular as it is today.

But when October of 2005 came, the Red Ribbon Bakeshop has been changed. With the acquisition in October 2005 by Jollibee Foods Corporation, a conglomerate of popular fast-food chains in the Philippines, Red Ribbon entered a new phase in its company history. The Red Ribbon Bakeshop Company will soon become the biggest and fastest-growing bakeshop in the Philippines.

Now, the Red Ribbon Bakeshop has grown to over 170 outlets all over the country and 19 stores in the US. It currently has 6 commissaries nationwide and 3 in the US.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop cakes have been a popular choice for many Filipinos as a gift. Many have made gifts out of their collection of cakes which is why many businesses such as Express Regalo has become one of the many online gift shops that can provide a Red Ribbon Bakeshop cake.

Express Regalo was developed and launched to provide Filipinos abroad a fast, reliable, convenient and hassle-free way to shop and send gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines. Express Regalo is owned and operated by eLBC Direct, Inc., an LBC company that is dedicated to providing Filipinos overseas access to products and services apart from the traditional products offered by LBC.

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