Cyclists Latest Recovery Tool Information

By Thiarello Cory

Pro cyclist and 7 times tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has recently been seen wearing Compression Socks at this years Tour De France as part of his post stage recovery program. Other pro cycling teams like Garmin – Slipstream are also documented as using compression technology post race to improve the recovery of their riders. Long stage races like the tour de France means that it’s vital that riders recover quickly after a hard day in the saddle cycling up mountain passes in the Alps, so they are ready for the next days stage.

So what is it with Compression Socks?

They are widely used in clinical and post-surgical settings for the treatment of edema, lymph edema, phlebitis, varicose veins, spider veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Most people will be aware in the last 3 to 4 years of people being advised to wear compression socks on long haul flights to reduce the risk of DVT.

How will they help me as a cyclist, and are they just for the professionals?

As you cycle, blood is circulated from the heart to all of your body. Your legs and feet have a hard time returning this blood back up to the heart. The socks work as a vascular constrictor helping with the process of returning the blood to the heart. Wearing compression socks after cycling or any endurance event improves your recovery by assisting your body in circulating blood and lymph fluids through your tired muscles. This area still needs alot more study but people have been wearing these socks for years to improve their circulation.

Compression socks are very low cost and can be used by all level of cyclists to improve their recovery after a long ride.

Yet Armstrong has come cleaned in many different tests along all this years. If you take a look at the sport of cycling you know that at one point or another they were all using some sort of performance enhancing drug. There is also Marco Pantani, Bjarne Riis, Richard Virenque and the whole Festina Team scandal in 1998. In 2007 you had the doping incidents with Alexandre Vinokourov and the expulsionod Micheal Rasmussen. So here is the thing, the base of the suspicions. Is Armstrong really the only clean racer in what otherwise is a sport that has struggle so much with the use of performance enhancing drugs?

Novitzky has set his sight at Lance and the sport itself. Armstrong on the other hand has always seemed very open about the subject. He has been called a cheater since his early years, but at 37 he has had one heck of a career. He has stated that he would be open to further investigations, but as rumor has it, Novitzky has a tendency to push to hard. The people that support Armstrong and his career have express their concerns. They don’t want this investigation to turn into a witch-hunt.

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