How To Find The Best Perfume For Men

By Robert James

Part of a man’s appeal is his scent. You have to smell clean and alluring to be able to attract women successfully. Using a perfume is one way to make you smell better. Buying perfume for men is easy if you know the tips and tricks to choose the most suitable perfume for you.

First thing to do is throw away all soaps, cologne, or aftershave that smell too strong as they will overcome your perfume. Choose products with clean and fresh tone. Your laundry will also affect how you smell so choose detergent which has fresh and clean smell. Your bath and body products as well as your laundry scent will act as the base for your perfume. Also, when you use perfume, you do not need to apply cologne.

Every man has his own style, taste, and personality that will reflect on which perfume you choose. You also need to know if the perfume is suitable for your natural body scent. This is why it is necessary for you to smell the perfume before making a purchase.

Try to find a shop with many types and brands of perfume to choose from. It can be confusing at first. Sales assistants will likely to crowd you and race to spray you with the perfume they are trying to sell. Do not allow them to spray it to your skin. Mix of perfumes can be overwhelming to your sense of smell and you cannot know which perfume smells best.

Ask the sales assistant to spray the perfume on a perfume card instead. Shake it a few times, wait for a few moments to allow the perfume to settle, then smell it. If you like it, keep it for a while and smell it again after five to ten minutes.

It is important to get some fresh air and clean your nostril from previous smell before moving on to another. After you smell two or three perfumes, step away to let your nose rest and come back later to try more perfumes.

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