Imperial Rose Collections Jewelry And The Brand’s Illustrious Founder David Tadman

By Thomas Jenkins

A Comprehensive essay regarding the Imperial Rose Collections label and its illustrious Founder David Tadman.

This writeup follows the reader through the founding history of the franchise and its rapid promotion to the apex of the gothic silver jewelry industry.

Imperial Rose Collection is not a business. It is a society of artists, writers, producers and actors who have grouped together to help remember humanity using the silver jewelry. The word ART, as explained in the dictionary, is “The creation of magnificent and thought-arousing works, for example: painting, music or writing.” In this example of Imperial Rose Collection, its individualized jewelry line has been just that; beautiful & thought arousing and art in the true meaning of the word. Imperial Rose Collections tries in showcasing the clearest integrity embodied in its items of art. Whether it is for the actor, musician, painter, writer, or the biker, Imperial Rose Collection produces pieces of art for each and everyone to be adorned through the life.

Imperial Rose Collection thinks that while we are all different, it is difficult to distinguished oneself from conformism in today’s age & time. The distinguishing mark that makes us different from one another is our personal identity. Just like the painter’s brush, Imperial Rose Collections makes art through its designs, using rare sterling silver & stones to be donned by persons who want to extricate themselves from conformity.

To Imperial Rose Collections, each person is individualised and that are custom-made works of art will reinforce their uniqueness. In life, we have a time that will possibly grant us enlightenment. So it is an aspiration that Imperial Rose Collections will become a segment of everybody’s inspiration through their life journeys.

David Tadman and Tigran Sarkisyan form the inspiration behind the edgy Rock ‘n’ Roll jewelry brand known as Imperial Rose Collections. Artist Tadman chooses to remain unknown, but numerous fans of gothic silver jewelry are already familiar with Tigran’s crafts. He was the main artist at SKKIN jewelry (a Los Angeles-located jewelry shop started by designer Jebron Jouni)& produced most of their best-known sterling silver creations. Tigran also began his own line of silver sterling jewelry, marketed as Art by Tigran.

Tigran imbues kineticism, drama and excitement into silver sterling works & brings IRC jewelry to life. He once manufactured a necklace for actress Elizabeth Taylor, which became a segment of film history when it was featured in the well-known movie, “Cleopatra”. Tigran is also famous for forging a medallion set for Russian Patriarch Alexei II. In 2001, Tigran sculpted a monumental sculpture dedicated to the 1700th Anniversary of Armenian Christianity entitled St. Gregory the Illuminator-301. In this day, many Armenians, Americans, and Japanese are wearing Tigran’s jewelry.

Famous celebrities who wear Imperial Rose Collection sterling silver motorbiker jewelry comprise of: Eddie Van Halen; Johnny Depp; Brad Pitt; Blasko; Mia Tyler; Steve Vai; Brett Ratner; Jackie Chan; Sammo Hung; Lee Arenberg; and Chris Tucker.

IRC offers handmade, Rock ‘n’ Roll & sterling silver gothic jewelry, from cufflinks, belts and buckles, lighters, cologne atomizer flasks to sterling silver fingertip rings. IRC’s popular sterling silver cigar bands were even focused on in the Robb Report.

Why replicas, fakes and Imperial Rose Collections inspired jewelry is rising in popularity

In recent days, IRC has faced adversity in the form of numerous offshore competitors possessing the talent, resources & ability to deliver equally detailed, gorgeous & well-crafted luxury gothic silver jewelry to bikers & other fans at bargain prices. Now, fans of gothic silver jewelry have an extensive range of alternatives to original Imperial Rose Collections jewelry. Fans and customers are waking up to the ugly truth behind branding, which is actually no more than an imaginary concept. Brand is not something that customers can always be expected to bear the cost for. Given the widespread affordability of cheaper and just as intricate offerings, it is no wonder that designer label jewelry isn’t an uncommon sight on the streets despite the luxury brand pricing of the original. The new wisdom is: why bust the bank on designer label jewelry when you can get a nearly identical piece crafted from the same top quality 925 sterling silver at a tiny fraction of the cost?

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