Learn To Get Your Music Published

By Jim Strange

This subject has a lot of misconceptions and there is more than one way to get airtime on the radio. I read online concerning this subject and most of the information is all outdated. One thing I read that perturbs me is no one talked about researching the song first. It takes skill and contacts to get your song played on the radio and this takes serious networking. You don’t want to give the wrong song to a major contact, it could mess up your credibility.

Keep in mind this isn’t the law to get your music played on the radio fast, but this is a great way to succeed. First you need to make friends with a DJ of a local club you respect as far as the crowd goes. Play your music for him first and get the crowd’s reaction. You need to know that you have the correct song for the radio. Why? Because once you get your song played, you can’t change your lead song. If you’re independent make sure you have your album at the finishing stages or completed. There’s nothing like having a hit song and no albums to sell when everyone hears the song. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot, I did it once so there’s no need for you to go this route.

Radio stations have what you call a program director. When your song is hot on the club scene, bring your song to the radio. Make an appointment with the program director. It’s going to sound great when you tell them XYZ club is playing your song. Plus ABC club played it every weekend for the past three weeks. What’s the reason for this? Remember radio stations have something to sell called advertising and if people know your song they won’t lose their listeners. Also let them know they’ll be the first one to play the song, that’s a selling point.

Another important point to remember is that you need to pick the best station in the area of fifty miles first. Picking the best station first makes the other stations follow that station. They’re all in competition with each other so use it to your advantage. Think of it as a matter of time and if the station says no, keep trying.

Here’s checklist of what you must have with you:

1.) Short bio 2.) Genre 3.) How your song fits into their format 4.) Replicated copy of your song. Must be copyrighted and with a publishing company like BMI or ASCAP.

– Have Radio Edit – Instrumental – Accapella – Club version (explicit)

Put these all on one Cd and you should get radio play fast.

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