Live Music On Those Special Occasions

By Beatrice Heaver

On those special occasions you want to create wonderful memories and you want everyone to have a good time. Nothing creates a better atmosphere than live music, and its the best way to get what you want and have a really personal environment and great ambiance.

At weddings you create memories that will last you a lifetime, and you want them to be really special. Special things will help you create those special memories. The music you have at your wedding must be endearing, personal, passionate and even intimate. The fondest memories are often tied together with music and the band, whether its a certain song that sticks in your memory, dancing with that special someone, or friends grabbing the microphone for some karaoke.

Whether you’ve got a band of rockers on the stage or an instrumental group discretely placed, you can add a touch of flair, sophistication, uniqueness, and personality to the occasion. Let the live music create the backdrop to a great occasion, while you get down to the more important things in life.

What can transform any ordinary old occasion into a truly extraordinary one is music. Music is a feature of the party, a great talking point, and creates a comfortable background for the party chitchat while you mingle. When it comes to giving your guests some common ground and putting them at ease, music is unbeatable.

It’s always important to create the right mood. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from a whole host of genres, from R&B to easy listening, classics to rock. Varying the mood is just as important. Something lively and upbeat at the start of a party sets it off, then as the party winds down, moving to a more relaxed mood ends it on a good note.

On a special occasion no-one wants hear just the usual radio tunes. To keep the party alive, the music has to be versatile. Everyone has their own favorites and wants to hear them, and it’s important to adapt the music to suite the crowd and, if you’re lucky, everyone will be kept happy.

There will always be people at parties who want to make a special request, or to hear a classic played. Old favorites are livened up and a fresh twist given to those old classics by a live band. When the occasion calls for it, something original, unique, and without associations can be just what the doctor ordered. Something new but still personal is just the right thing.

A big plus is that you don’t always require electricity or specialized equipment, instrumentals are in a class of their own, adding a touch more personality and intimacy to any occasion.

There are many reasons to go with a live band for your special occasion. They are more versatile, can vary their routine to suite the crowd, and have a much more personal feel than recorded music. Bands know how to keep the party going, automatically adapt to the mood of the crowd, you can dress them up, they can be in the background or a main feature, all instrumental or singing, dancing and crowd pumping.

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