The Facts About Registry Cleaners

By Dale Ellis

During the course of your computer life time, registry cleaners are needed to clean up the crud that has been downloaded like different games, programs or files and the paths that were made. While things get moved, renamed or uninstalled, the files that came along with it does not always get removed successfully or changed accordingly. For this reason alone, your computer may begin to slow down and problems may arise if you do not clear the junk out.

So what is a Windows Registry exactly and how can we clean our registry? Well it’s almost simple, the registry is a database where Windows keeps tabs on the bond or relationship between software, hardware and the operating system. Think of a huge ball of bubble gum wrappers in all different colors, lengths and styles. Now imagine that being surrounded by a big wad of masking tape! That’s pretty much what your registry would look like if it had a face.

How to clean the registry is a whole entire different battle completely. This is a pretty difficult task because not only are you touching very important files that can ruin your computer if the wrong one is deleted but you are also risking the stability of your computer. You have to be sure that you know what you are doing as well as know the consequences of what you do.

One registry cleaner of course can be you. If you have the intelligence or can work a web browser you can surely find out how to launch your regedit and browse through your registries cleaning them one at a time. You are combing them for old files or broken paths, things that no longer exist. However, I do not recommend this to anyone unless you have an extensive background in computers and know what you are doing.

Another way to go about registry cleaners is downloading a registry cleaner yourself from the internet. You can find freeware registry cleaners that will scan your system and tell you of your old and or unneeded registry files. You have a wide variety of options, most coming with other tweaks but all giving you a scanner and option to back up your files.

If all else does not sound intriguing, you can buy your own registry cleaner for your computer. With the purchase of your own cleaner you will get fast scanning times, better back-up and of course more options and tweaks available. Be prepared to spend around $30 to at least $100 if not more. It is important of course that you look around and get the best price with the best features.

If you do not take anything else from this article, take away the fact that deleting your files and registry keys can be such a dangerous idea. It is vitally important that you only remove files that you know what they are or by letting the scanners do it themselves. If you delete the wrong file your computer can face irreversible repercussions, can slow down drastically and may become unbootable. It is extremely important that you are aware of what you are doing and only delete files that you know can be deleted. If you are not sure then do not delete them for any reason.

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