Want To Know About The Ellen Show

By Linda Cartwright

Info About the Ellen Show

The Ellen Show was a television sitcom shown on CBS from 2001 – 2002. It was Ellen DeGeneres second attempt to make a sitcom. She previously stared in These Friends of Mine & Ellen. After only 2 seasons the Ellen Show was unable to gather strong ratings and was canceled.

The story of the Ellen Show was for her to go live back a slow paced lifestyle in her old hometown away from her big city, fast moving lifestyle she was used to. When she returned she met up with her old high school prom date, Rusty, who thought he could just pick up where they left off, but un beknown to him Ellen is a lesbian and that would be pretty much impossible.

Ellen did begin to feel at home even though she was worlds apart from her old home and friends from her past life.

After the Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres made another and successful attempt at a show. This time she decided to make a daytime talk show called The Ellen Degeneres Show which has been extremely successful.

The Ellen Degeners Show is a lot like other daytime talk shows such as Oprah, Rachel ray Show, Dr Phil Show, Bonnie Hunt Show, Jay Leno Show and the Today Show. The Ellen Degeneres Show is often shortened to Ellen and is syndicated on stations owned by NBC Universal.

There is a simple concept behind the Ellen Degeneres Show which is provide a combination of comedy, musical guests, celebrities and human interest stories. One thing Ellen is about and that is having fun and her show is tons of fun.

Ellen Degeneres often has giveaways and audience participation games where people can win prizes and money. One of the giveaways Ellen has is the Twelve Days of Giveaways episodes where Ellen Degeneres gives away tons of prizes like flat screen TV’s, laptops, jewelry, and much more.

And that is how the Ellen Show became the Ellen Degeneres Show.

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