Wedding Photography – How To Succeed In The Business

By Anthony Clark

The field of wedding photography is a rather competitive one. The purpose of this article is to provide novice photographers with suggestions on how they can achieve success in this field.

(1) If you are going to photograph destination weddings, make sure you have a user-friendly online ordering system. People from out of town will not be able to visit your studio in person. Be prepared to process orders online. Think about letting another vendor handle purchases and sales.

(2) To get referrals for your studio, do some relationship building with other vendors. Remember to include hotels, resorts, and catering and bridal services. Offer portrait sittings, prints and consultations to these vendors at no cost. For instance, be content to shoot (without charge) a suite or portrait shot for a resort. Be certain that you are on the top of the list of vendor referrals. Be on the lookout for new businesses in your area and ask to be included on their preferred vendors list.

(3) Provide High Quality (this should be obvious). The meaning of this is the production of images that are exposed properly and are edited with correct colors. Devote time to create lovely books.

4) Above all, have the attitude that you will do whatever has to be done, to make the wedding go smoothly. Do not hesitate about going to the store, prior to the wedding, to get something for the bride, even though you are just there to photograph the wedding. Do not stick to just doing your job of photography. If you assume added responsibilities, this will improve your good name in the business and increase your referrals as a result.

(5) Make an effort to really connect with your clients. There are plenty of talented photographers in the business. An extra element of service and comfort is added when you connect on a human level.

When following the previous advice, a photographer can take better pictures in the wedding photography business.

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