Wedding Reception Bands Set The Mood For Your Reception

By David Bullen

Wedding reception bands create the mood for your reception by the type of music they play. If they play lively dance music, your guests can let their hair down and dance the night away. On the other hand, your band could play quiet background music that allows guests to visit and talk with each other without having to shout.

Most wedding reception bands tend to offer more of a party atmosphere where music from the 1950s to current chart hits are played, which will suit guests of all ages.

Music can also be provided that is of particular interest to the happy couple. Any good band will do this for you and you will probably not be putting them to trouble as good bands love to learn new songs in rehearsal as it keeps them fresh.

When booking a band or any other form of entertainment for a wedding a lot of people skimp on this cost which can be a big mistake as it can ruin your big day and let your day finish with a whimper.

You could probably hire bar bands a lot cheaper than wedding reception bands but the reason experienced wedding bands cost more is because they have a lot of experience playing at weddings and know what to expect and how to handle wedding crowds which are usually quite different than bar crowds.

Please also bear in mind that should the worst happen and the band let you down unlike a pub band they probably have a back up band that can take their place.

Now that you have booked your band and chosen your songs the work does not end there. First check that your venue is licensed to play live music. Some venues also have a sound limiter which cuts power to the bands equipment if the sound exceeds a certain limit so let the band know if this is the case.

Check also to see there is enough power supply for the equipment and that they have a big enough area to set up and play on. Also let the band know about the parking at your venue as they will have to unload and load heavy equipment from their vehicle.

One other important detail you do not want to overlook is to make sure your reception location is licensed to play live music. Some locations may not be able to host live bands and that is certainly something you need to know upfront.

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