What Sort Of Bands To Hire For Your Event?

By Jean Muir

There is no substitute for a great live band for your event. Good bands interact with their audiences, to leave them with memorable moments from your event. You will have a rollicking good time if you have chosen well. Live bands can customize songs to fit your occasion and your audience making the entertainment more personalized. Bands play all sorts of music and costs vary. A friend of mine found a quartet that played classical music at her wedding for an affordable price when she was operating on a shoestring budget that she located on a subway platform. Her guests could not believe where she found her match. She was lucky; but, it illustrates you might find what you are looking for in surprising places if you need to. I will date myself by saying that her wedding took place when the internet was not a cornucopia of opportunities to locate live bands to hire for your event. You are lucky to have the options available today at a click of your mouse. In fact, the optimal way to locate a band is on the internet.

Hiring bands directly

Bands may be hired directly or through an agent. Bands may have their own websites or be part of a larger database of bands. They can be located on broker websites, and wedding planning sites where bands share room with other wedding industry professionals. You may find live performances available for your band selection, or their audio and video performances. Musicians available for your event may not be the ones in their promotional material as professional bandleaders have several musicians in able to play the same instrument and use them based on their availability.

You may want to check with their past venues or references for information on the reputation of the band. When you book your selection establish an individual who will be your contact. Popular bands are booked in advance, so you should not delay booking yours. Ensuring your venue can accommodate the band and its needs.

Bands will work with other event professionals to synchronize timings so everything runs smoothly. Experienced musicians will play crowd pleasers to fit the mood of your audience. Over fifty songs can be performed over a four hour period. Good variety bands cover different genre styles. And, bands can sing your special requests even if it is not originally part of their song list There may charge a little extra for this service, or they may not. Inquire whether they will bring their sound system; or whether you will need to make arrangements. Should bands not offer the selection you seek, or your budget is too limited to accommodate their costs consider the DJ option.

Indirect routes to locating a band

Brokers can provide you with dependable performers for the price of the commission you will have to pay them. This might not be an issue for you and would have the advantage of taking the task off your hands. Their experience and contacts can secure for you better prices as they deal regularly with musicians and are aware of what they earn. The best route for you might be to see what you can locate on your; and see if a broker does better.

Upon learning about your plans and your preferences and budget, the broker will offer you complementing choices. Should the broker list of performers not have your preferred choice, inquire if they can secure them for you. Sometimes this is possible. Your planning will be eased by brokers who walk you through the process of securing your choice of musicians.

Other indirect methods of finding bands include, booking through a wedding entertainment consultant, if the event is a wedding and your budget permit is able to absorb the cost. The fee for this services might be worth your while if you wish to avoid the hassle of arranging this personally. Wedding planners may also recommend entertainment they have dealt with in the past. Catering venues might also recommend entertainers and either provide contact information or suggest booking your entertainment as a part of the venue’s wedding package.

What is the cost involved?

Jazz and acoustic groups locally available could cost five hundred dollars. For a popular band, you may shell out somewhere in the fifteen hundred to five thousand dollar range. Even more might be needed for some bands. Websites will provide prices that do not include the extra charges related to your event that will need to be factored in.

Generally expected that you feed your musicians. If the band you desire is too expensive see if it is willing to negotiate fees. If professional bands are out of your reach altogether, and you still prefer live entertainment, consider student musicians. College bands can be reached through the music department. Be certain about the fees to be incurred. Professionals require a deposit in advance; with the remainder paid following the event. The amount they charge will cover the total amount of time expended at your event. A written contract should be secured and it is too your benefit if the band has insurance.

Of marriage ceremonies and music

Churches and other places of worship have music rules to adhere to. Musical performances may be allowed during different stages of the ceremony. Should you desire, a band member can serve as your event timekeeper and announcer. For continuous music, you may request recorded music be played during breaks. Bands take time to set up. Bands can provide background music at dinner which is not vocal, whether this live or recorded. Bands to hire are an option that will bring life to your event.

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