Cleveland Starts Fast, Beats Detroit Going Away In NFL Preseason Action

By Ross Everett

The Cleveland Browns was that their offense came out swinging on Saturday night, scoring 20 points in the first quarter en route to victory. Browns QB Derek Anderson played well, while the Detroit Lions rookie signal caller Matt Stafford struggled mightily as the Browns easily took a 27-10 decision in NFL preseason action. Both teams are now 1-1 in the preseason.

Anderson led the Browns to their first offensive touchdown in seven games, and left the Cleveland QB battle between himself and Brady Quinn a tossup. He gave a fairly positive assessment of his play in postgame interviews:

“I thought things went well. I played all right. I made some good throws and a couple I wish I could have back. It was an opportunity and I was happy to go out there and play well while I was in.”

Quinn entered in the second quarter, and was only 3 of 5 for 29 yards. After the game, Browns coach Eric Mangini deflected comments on which signal caller had the upper hand for the starting job:

“I’m really not going to assess it that way now. We’ll keep rolling along and move into next week and see where it goes.”

The NFLs first overall draft pick, Lions QB Matt Stafford tried to maintain an upbeat tone in his postgame comments:

“That’s what football is. You’ll play good some weeks and bad some weeks. The tough part about preseason is you get your allotted amount of plays. You can have a bad 25 plays and not get a chance to come back and fix it and make it right in the second half.”

Lions coach Jim Schwartz has the unenviable task of trying to turn around a team that went 0-16 last season, were that not bad enough he had to deal with the fallout of a fight during warm-ups between his own players. Carson Butler and Dewayne White went at it before the game. Schwartz sounded relatively unfazed by the bizarre turn of events:

“I’ve never seen that before.The thing I like about it is they were competitive and going hard. I came in and said, ‘Some of y’all thought the game started at 7 o’clock instead of 7:30.’ Obviously that’s something that shouldn’t happen and it’s already been addressed.”

Providing a good example of the lack of chemistry on a losing football franchise, White was still talking about the ‘bad blood’ with his teammate after the game:

“We’ll probably have to go at it one more time when we’re not playing a game — next week sometime. There’s going to be bad blood between us.”

Both teams will open the NFL regular season on Sunday, September 13th with Cleveland hosting the Minnesota Vikings and the Lions traveling to New Orleans to take on the Saints.

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