Earbud Ear Clip Full Size Mid-Size Headphones – Perfect For The Gym

By Eric Ward

Earbud headphones are extremely portable due to their size and weight. Because most portable audio electronics except smaller plug-ins, earbuds can be used for pretty much anything. You can also use them at the gym or while jogging.

The “Stay On Your Head” headphones are the ear clip kind. These are actually earphones with a clip that goes around your ear for extra support. The clip prevents them from coming out easily while training or running. You could even shake your head around and they’ll usually stay put.

Lets get in between sizes with mid size. These types of headphones can be more comfortable than others because the outer ear pads are larger. Because the outer ear pads surround your entire ear like an enclosure, bass response will be better, and lower. They can be very diverse as you can use a headphone adapter for smaller or larger audio players.

For full, robust sound unlike anything else, full stereo headphones will deliver. Mostly used in homes with higher powered stereos, these headphones will sound awesome. They’re also great for watching movies on home theater systems. Average cost for superb quality would be around one hundred dollars or more.

If you want to forget about the cords, wireless is here for you. Most models have a 20-30 foot range before you hear any static. More expensive models will allow them to play through walls, ect. Basically, they’re used because most people want to sit further away from the stereo.

Regardless of which headphones you choose for your home stereo and/or your portable audio player, you’ll be all set to listen to tunes in your own world without disturbing others. The only question is, which type will fit you best? There’s tons to choose from. Have fun!

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