Get Into Professional Audio Equipment – Playing Was Never This Good

By Eric Ward

Maybe you’re starting a band or you’re a solo musician who’s looking for sound equipment. If this is the case, there’s a number of things you can get that will amplify your voice and instruments over a medium or large audience. This will allow you to get “gigs” and play around, locally, or how ever far away you want.

It’s time to get started and find yourself some pro audio speakers. If you’re playing by yourself, you’ll most likely only need one PA speaker. This would work fine when using at home or if you’re playing out. If you have several people playing, you should get a pair to create twice as much volume as you want the singing and all instruments to be heard, loudly.

You’re going to need an amplifier powerful enough to get your speakers playing at their full potential. A few hundred watts per speaker should make them sound powerful and loud. That’s more than enough power to play at your home in your own set-up and plenty enough to play for an audience.

You can also get a power mixer. A power mixer will have a set amount of channels, each generating the same amount of watts, that will be connected to your speakers. They’ll also have one or multiple microphone inputs for one, two or more singers. They also have equalizers for each channel and allow you to add reverbs and echo.

Make sure to get some microphones. The type of mics you should be looking for are dynamic microphones. These are prefect for stage use. They’re built to be durable and will also work under different weather conditions. They will stand up against moisture, if in fact you are playing outside.

Now that the singers are loud and will be heard and the drummer might not even need a drum mic kit because the drums are loud by themselves, the person who plays guitar will need his/her own guitar amplifier. With all of this in place, you should be ready to start jamming out.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to create a PA set up. You can easily spend well under a thousand and include everything that has been talked about above. The more components you have, the more expensive it will be.

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