Looking For A New GPS Receiver

By Trevor Gartreese

The new GPS technology has caused many changes in personal navigation, public transportation and vehicle tracking. Any functional GPS receiver gives you access to the orbiting satellites providing information on destination, current location or the shortest route to take. Moreover, new GPS devices provide information on hotels, traffic conditions, ATMS, restaurants and gas stations for the map on which you navigate. Reliable, discreet and convenient, the new GPS units represent the beginning of another age in the field of communications and technological development. Although functioning on a set of common principles, GPS units differ according to brand, design and features.

Some new GPS devices come with pre-installed maps for certain geographical areas. For models that do not have this availability, or for very peculiar applications, a special software is used to download the maps. Processor speed, unit memory and touch screens are other improvements worth mentioning. When the GPS is able to work within more advanced parameters then the updates of position and information become instantaneous.

Minimum wiring and mounting requirements: such features also characterize the new GPS unit. Athletes, cyclists, fishermen, hikers or joggers can use new GPS orientation for a wide range of sports activities. The speed of reaction in a GPS receiver is below twenty seconds which means a high level of convenience and comfort for the user.

Moreover, the compatibility between cell phones and new GPS devices has improved considerably, not to mention that the design of smartphones combines both types of application. The cell phone carries all the new GPS features, which makes access, connection and orientation a lot easier. Personal navigation has certainly improved considerably, and we certainly make everything in our power to save time and be efficient.

Very large databases, 3-D moving maps, turn-by-turn directions are features that only complete an already evolved device. Did you know that a GPS unit can provide not only information on gas stations but also gas price details and venue ratings for restaurants in one location or another? The better the new GPS design, the shorter the time before it can access the satellites and calculate your position. Distance alert as well as geo- catching are also possible with a GPS unit, but they are very specific tasks that are used only occasionally. They in fact enable the user to create personal maps according to the captured data, but except for those who really need individual mapping, the average traveler will seldom use such a feature.

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