Wall Picture Frames

By Danny Ricks

Picture frames have been around for centuries. There are desk picture frames, standee picture frames but the most common and oldest type would be the wall picture frames. Since the Renaissance period, people have been using frames for their oil paint portrait. The difference now, though, is that while some are still using the frames for paintings, with technology’s help, everybody’s using these frames for the photos.

Almost all houses have got wall picture frames; a simple thing which will help remind them of a number of the most significant occasions in their lives. A birth, baptism, birthday, graduation, vacation, promotion, wedding party; all of these are recorded and can be viewed and remembered by each member of the household simply by looking at the framed photos. Memories are being preserved.

Back in the days of old, frames were built of wood, silver, bronze or gold. This in fact will depend on the social status of the one that wanted the oil paint artwork. The designs of the frames vary also. There are those that are as simple as an ordinary rectangle then again there are the ones that can certainly be grand or grander compared to artwork itself. A few frames would likely have embellishments, elaborate carvings or engravings.

Today, picture frames still differ in sizes, prices, material and design. The differences are usually that many of these frames are mass-produced. Custom-made frames are still available but can definitely be really expensive, depending on the size and material too. An additional thing that makes modern frames differ from the old-fashioned kinds, the former has different designs that can easily fit or are made particularly for a certain occasion. There are wedding frames, birthday frames, or graduation frames. The alternatives are limitless.

Using the various available styles and components, pictures frames are usually no longer utilized as strictly to frame the photographs. Wall picture frames are specifically really versatile with regards to interior decorations. You will be surprised with the things it is possible to use with an old picture frame; the only limit is your imagination. Below would be some different alternative functions of an old frame.

You can use the frame to accentuate a plain mirror. Just be creative. If you do not like the current mirror frame, you may replace the one you have with an old photo frame. All you need is to repaint it, if it is needed. Make sure, though, that the size and the shape fits your mirror perfectly so you do not have any changes.

Another idea is by using the frame and its cardboard backing as a board to keep your mementos. Cover the cardboard backing with a nice wrapper or cloth, be it printed or plain. Once covered, you can use these to paste or pin mementos such as boarding passes, concert tickets, tags, gift cards and playbills. This is a great alternative to reminisce the past.

One idea that is currently in interior design fashion is using wall picture frames on its own as a dcor by itself. You can line up different frames of different sizes and colors into a single art form. What you can also do is to get a really beautiful frame; an antique frame would be best and just hang it on its own. A beautifully made frame is an artwork on its own. In fact, there are a lot of frames that are more expensive and more valuable than the painting or picture they frame.

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