Where To Get Geisha Costumes For Halloween

By Sofia Margarette Jones

Looking for a Geisha costume this Halloween is easy. There are a lot of specialty stores which sell the original Geisha Kimono Costume. They usually come in different styles and cuts. There are also stores which sell the modernized Kimono. They are usually made to fit in the new generation’s demand and change of fashion. They still look like the original kimono, but with simpler styles.

A kimono is a traditional Japanese outfit. If you are looking for an authentic one, those will cost you. The price for an original runs at around 10,000 US Dollars but I’m sure those are of really high quality. If you’re shopping for a kimono for a Halloween party and you’re on a tight budget, I suggest you buy only the imitation though. It’s more practical that way. Don’t worry, imitation kimono costumes are also of good quality and the designs and cuts are pretty much the same.

It would be better to do research first before buying your costume. That way you will know what kind of design you want to wear for Halloween. Look around downtown shops and list their Kimono prices. There are even shopping malls who sell kimonos which you could use for your Geisha costume. They wouldn’t be as intricate as a real kimono for a Japanese Geisha but it would be passable.

If you have money, why not get a Kimono dress from the dress maker. She could fashion a dress just for you. It will be original and you get to choose your design and colors. You can even add jewels and other intricate detailing if you want to. Yet, all would be for a price to pay. But you would really have a good dress that is made and fit for you.

If you do not have a big budget yet you really want to get a great dress, you could check online for a Geisha Halloween costume. They sell kimonos at low prices, yet the designs and colors are like the authentic ones. Furthermore, shopping online is more convenient and fun. You get to choose your costume with few clicks of the fingers.

Wherever you get your Geisha Kimono costume, make sure that you are going to act like a Japanese geisha when you wear one. Gather all your finesse and be graceful in walking once you have don your Kimono. That would really make people in awe at you.

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