Why You Must See Leap Year

By Sadie Faulkner

Do you love romance movies? Do you ever feel like they are always so predictable but go see them anyway? Now you will be left on the edge of your seat as well as enjoy a gushy romance comedy all at the same time. Leap Year is by far a must-see film this year.

Commitment is a consistent issue among couples who have been together for a sufficient amount of time. This movie starts off with this particular issue at hand. The woman in the relationship is left utterly disappointed with her boyfriends lack of proposal when it mattered most. It appears that their relationship lacks a certain spark that is able to keep it fresh and alive.

However, this young lady refuses to believe that this fact is true even though in her heart she knows it is. Therefore, she proceeds to Ireland to propose to him on a leap year. Ireland has a so-called famous tradition that a woman can propose to her boyfriend on leap year. So off to Ireland that young lady goes.

During her stay in Ireland her trip is filled with many misfortunes. This misfortunes prolong her time away from her loved one and force her to reevaluate her relationship during this time. She is able to overcome these incidents through the help of a young man that she encounters. Even in her attempts to push this man away he is there until the end ensuring her safety and well-being.

This man is eventually able to wear down the young woman and get inside her head. He is able to get her thinking about what truly matters most in life and relationships. She is a hard-headed woman who is extremely independent due to her long history of misfortunes. However, despite all of this he is able to manage to get some goodness and sensible words into her.

This movie posses the ability to force you to prioritize your life. Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in silly materialistic items that we forget what really matters most. Having someone to love who truly loves you make may be the only real things that matter. Whatever else we acquire along the way is simply extra.

Many of us forget the things in life that matter most. It is easy to become consumed in our daily lives and overwhelmed with materialistic items. However, these are not the things that will hold us tight at night. No one ever wants to feel completely alone and this is where material items become meaningless.

If you were to simply pick this movie up off of the shelf you would never realize the amazing qualities that it possesses inside. This movie will force you to realize it is the little things in life that will make us happy. Money does not buy happiness despite our long endeavors to obtain as much of it as we possibly can. The entire cast and the musical selections create a quality combination that leave a touching impression.

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