Paid to Click – IndoClix

The New Evolution of Aurora GPT

At IndoClix we bring an opportunity for you to earn extra cash online. No special skill or talent required. All you need to do is register, manage your account and start earning by accomplishing various small, easy jobs. You can earn from browsing sponsor’s Ads, completing different offers and earn more from referring members.
Advertise at IndoClix and receive quality traffic for your sites. Our program allows you to get more visitors, readers, leads and potential customers for your own services and products. Aside from cheap!

Members Benefit
– Free to join worldwide..!!!
– up to $.01 Per Click
– up to 75% Referral Earnings
– Get Paid To Click / Read / Promote / Refer / SignUp
– Daily Contest with cash & credit prizes
– Receive & View the Advertising that Interests You!
– Lifetime bonuses according to personal earnings
– Low fast Paypal payout at $0.10
– No minimum Paypal payout for PREMIUM
– $1.00 Alertpay payout

Advertiser Benefit
– Reach your target audience when it really matters!
– Geo Targeted Advertising possible to all countries worldwide
– Low Cost Traffic, incentive and non-incentive advertising solutions
– 24 Hours Unique Hits, Free Live Stats
– Bulk campains are possible contact us for questions!
– We can personalise your advertising
– Pay by PayPal, and Alertpay
– Bank Transfer (Indonesian Only)



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