Protect Your Child With Personal Alarms

By Gryan B Gruckner

Being a single mother and having to raise four children has not been easy for me. Ever since my husband died, the safety of my family has been my priority. That is why I decided to provide my home with personal security alarms that will keep us safe all the time.

I went online to search for personal security alarms and found several that can be very useful for home use and travel.

I ordered the Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor for personal use. It sounds a 100 dB alarm for 15 seconds. It is perfect for traveling, built with a motion sensor that I can set and can detect movement up to 9 feet away. It comes with an LED flashlight.

I obtained the Mini Personal Alarm with clip for my girls, Kate and Jenna. Each can easily put one inside her pocket or clip it onto her belt before going home from ballet lessons every weekend. It has an alarm of 101 dB that can be activated in just one click of a button.

I ordered the PAL – 130L Keychain Alarm for my boys, John and Ken, built with a 130 dB alarm equipped with a flashing light. You just pull the pin secured to the keychain or click the button on top of the device to activate it.

The 2 in 1 Doorknob Safety Alarm was another one I got for our back door and placed on the doorknob. It has a loud alarm of 120 db that sounds when touched by anyone.

These personal security alarms gave me peace of mind. For the front window at home, the PAL – 1 130 dB Safety Alarm is as loud as eight 100 dB alarms. It is activated when the strap attached to the alarm pin is pulled.

I am glad I bought these personal security alarms on the internet, making my home and family safe 24/7.

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