Use The Fastest Way To Download Movies

By Eva Fischer

Have you ever wanted to download movies onto your PC? Here are some of your options. Most of the time, it just requires you inserting a DVD into your DVD drive. But not all computers, especially older, are equipped with DVD drives and therefore, will not be able to play them back.

If you do happen to own an older computer, or have simply made the choice to not include a DVD drive in your computer build, not to worry. There are other very viable options for you to watch movies on demand. These range from illegal to legal, but they all work in one form or another. The software that you need for this is usually already installed on your PC or laptop.

User-fed sites are one of the questionable sources out there. Of course, one of the worries about using them is the possibility of downloading a virus. These can sometimes be disastrous in the harm of your computer and pocketbook. I have included the source option in this list just to cover all the bases. And most often, you must agree to hold harmless the host site before you are able to complete any downloading. This prevents anyone pursuing them for damages if and when they acquire a virus that causes extensive damage to their equipment.

In today’s changing markets, companies are changing the way they offer services. Blockbuster has updated with the times and begun to offer Internet and express mail movie subscriptions. By subscribing to their service, you are assigned the movie for a pre-arranged amount of time, and you don’t have to be concerned with possibly crashing your drives after receiving a virus by mistake.

Netflix has also joined the group of socially progressive companies and offers their movie service both online and through dish or cable. Their subscribers can have access to as many movies as they want and there are no late fees. By combining great service with convenient options, they are selling their service quite successfully.

Some sites offer movies that you can watch just by streaming them. These do not require any downloads and the only product you need is a viable video player. Windows Media Player is usually all you need, but there may be some cases when better software would be desired. Users upload these movies to the site and share them with others.

While there are no real rules to watching these movies, you’ll notice I’m sure that some are pirated and some are not. Once these have been tagged as pirate movies, they are quickly removed. However, the danger of a virus is slightly removed, because there is not a download option.

The best choice is of course, to subscribe to a reputable company. This will allow you to know that no viruses are emanating from the movies themselves when you download them. Downloading movies is a fun thing to do when you don’t have time to watch them right away, and there are not shortage of businesses offering that particular service.

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