Wag The Dog Marketing & Top-Dog.org Squashes Internet Libel And Slander

By Thad Davis

Wag the Dog Marketing & Top-Dog.org Squashes Internet Libel and Slander

Do your enemies, ex-lovers, disgruntled ex-employees, competitors continually spread libel and slander that you are a con-artist, or rip-off running some sort of scam? This happens so much now-a-days, what would have been a useful tool in our modern society is instead just a nuisance to whoever is of any status above the rest, that makes any mistake.

Is the stress of this ruining your relationships, business, and life in general? Does every time you open up Google to search your name or company name disturb you because of some new libellous, untrue allegation pasted up on some blog about you. Or, have any of your friends and family told you, hey I Googled your name, and I’m shocked to read all the false information.

It makes more people not want to become entrepreneurs in order to get out of the rat race because if for any reason the entrepreneur can’t deliver what he was trying, his name can be ruined for so many years, and there’s no eraser to clean up the Internet from the new enemies created.

Wag the Dog Marketing & Top-Dog.org Squashes Internet Libel and Slander

Granted, there’s no excuse for taking people’s money without every intent to deliver what you sold them, however some times it’s impossible. Intent is the key issue, but enemies now have it so easy to ruin your name they don’t care about your intent, they’ve become the judge and jury and they’re going to hang you.

And 99% of the time, your once your enemies find a real mistake you may have made in business, they’ll jump on board filing completely false, defamation of character accusations about you all over the web to try to hurt you even more. Isn’t it funny that the one’s calling you the crook, or scammer, are in fact the real crooks?

Wag the Dog Marketing & Top-Dog.org Has the Eraser to Help Against Online Libel and Slander

We have the tools and talent to fill up the search results about the phrases the lies, libel and slander are currently filling up in the search results. Depending on how much defamation exists out there about you or your company, the process can have results in just a week and may thoroughly clean the top 50 results in about a month to a month and a half.

In the same way you found this article, we can help you create large amounts of unique articles submitted to high pageranking article directories which will out rank all of the garbage. After a while your enemies will realize their libel, slander, defamation, trash won’t be tolerated and they will have to take a step back and refocus their anger somewhere else.

Wag the Dog Marketing & Top-Dog.org Squashes Internet Libel and Slander

We treat our clients like they are us. We know what it’s like to be falsely accused, tried and hung online, for something we had nothing to do with. So we now have to protect our name which is why we are so good at defamation of character repair for you. We believe you at least deserve to tell your side of the story.

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