A Review Of The Disney Film Wall-E

By Alexander Willis

I’m sure most of you have heard of the Disney Pixar movie, “Wall-E”. This movie was released into movie theaters on June 27th of ’08. Critics ranked this movie to a high degree. Between the laughs, cries, ups, and downs of this film, you will find your heard warmed in a matter of two hours! The popularity for this post-apocalyptic robot has increasing, and increased fast!

Best Picture Award is up for grabs to this motion picture film at the Oscars. What a big deal this would be! It would be the very first animated film that won Best Picture. This movie represents the extend people, and even inanimate objects go to keep friendship alive. Imagine the intensity that must be put into this process in creating animated characters expressing friendship and love. In order for the viewers to “believe” what is going on, the director must analyze each movement made.

A small robot named “Wall-e” embarks on a journey through space which could end up changing the ultimate decision and fate of mankind. The reason he goes on this foreign journey is because of the attraction he feels toward another robot. He met a female robot named “Eve” and fell head over hills for her immediately. When she leaves for the future, he quickly follows behind.

Wall-E is designed to clean up a waste-covered earth. This job might be the greatest thing that has ever happened to little wall-e because it leads him to Eve, which leads him to the future. Although he comes in counter with something that was not pre-thought, his instinct is to fix it.

Once arrived to the future, Wall-E is engrossed with Eve. He doesn’t know where he is, or what’s going on their. Things slowly start to unveil. Wall-E realizes that the jeopardy of humanity is at hand. I will not share the ending of this movie. You will have to find out yourself, by watching it!

Briefly, I will run through a couple of the cast members in this marvelous movie. Ben Burtt is the voice of Wall-E and MO. As an american sound designer, ben has been involved in many world hit movies including Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Obviously then, Ben is very productive in his job! Go Ben!

The costar who voices Eve is Elissa Knight. This actress has played in many other animated movies including Lil aka “3” in Toy Story 3, Tia in Cars, and a woman in the restaurant in Ratatouille. Other character’s voices in Wall-E areJohn Ratzenberger who voices John, Fred Willard who voices Shelby Forthright – BnL CEO, and Kathy Najimy who voices Mary.

If you haven’t already, go enjoy this movie. It is filled with laughs, but it also has it’s sad moments. It has a heart warming plot. If you like animated movies, you will love this one. Disney Pixar creates sensational animated films. This is another movie to add to your Pixar collection! Watch it, love it, spread the word!

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