Avenue Productions, Inc. On Shopping For An Agency

By Carrie Flohr

Exhaustive Avenue Productions, Inc. Talent Agency Info

If you have dreamt of being an actor or model follow these simple precautions to avoid being a scam victim. Make sure your agency is licensed, has been in business for a while and that they don’t guarantee you work.

You will find there may be agencies out there preying on your anxiousness to become a star and using that to only rip you off. If they’re licensed, they have to follow the rules set forth by their state and so it is highly likely they will abide by them. Don’t worry though, most agencies are in the business for the right reasons, it’s just the small percent that you need to be aware of.

Avenue Productions, Inc. on Shopping for Your Talent Agency

Now, find out how long they’ve been in business because this will tell you their level of success. If they’ve been around, they must have a good track record and that means good contacts. That’s what you want.

Anyone who guarantees work is probably out to scam you for some of your hard earned money. Don’t fear it, just don’t sign with them. When they pass these tests, great, you’ve found a good partner to possibly launch your career.

Avenue Productions, Inc. How to Shop for an Agency

Avoid being a victim of an industry scam by going in and interviewing them properly. Bring a pen and paper and ask them questions about their business. Follow these simple steps and you are more likely to be in good hands.

Then take their suggestions for referrals such as schooling, photographers, and any other tools they suggest. Their referrals are very useful because they work hand in hand together and they know what the other wants.

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