Why Sue For Defamation

By Matt Zackery

We Know You’d Like to Sue for Defamation

Nothing hurts like an insult. Usually it passes away and is forgotten. But not if it happens online. The Internet remembers all that stuff, and people often find negative things about them leaping to the top of search results. If you own a business, this can really hurt you. If you’re trying to start a business or get a job, your reputation may be seriously besmirched.

On the other hand, good stuff sticks around forever too. And the Internet will certainly hold on to that, if you’ve got it out there. Which is why in the last few years, reputation repair services have begun springing up, ready to undo the damage to your business by reminding the world how swell you are.

Sue for Defamation of Reputation Repair

In the great popularity contest of the Internet, links are the most important friends you can have. The reputation repair services combat the negative content by adding content that has more links than the bad sites, which forces those sites off the first pages of the search engines, all the way down a hundred pages or more.

Once the negative stuff is dropped down into the search underworld, it’s all up to you from there on out. But people who search for you will get a better impression of you, that’s for sure. And you didn’t have to take anyone to court or shed any tears to restore your reputation. It’s a bit of electric house-cleaning, some light dusting of the search results.

Try Reputation Repair Instead of Suing for Defamation

Even on the Internet, nice guys sometimes finish last. Or at least in the search results. You may not have negative content to push down, but suppose you want to make your name known. These services can float you up to the top using search engine optimization, effectively giving you a name where before you were somewhere way down there.

It’s a strange wonderland of opportunities, the Internet. And like that place Alice ended up in, there are all kinds of rules that make not exactly make the most sense at first. But since you’re here, you might as well learn them. It’s pretty important, especially if you have a business, or just an online self you’d like to see protected. Keep your wits about you, is what I’m saying, and maintain control of that online self you’ve been cultivating; there are plenty of people who will be glad to take control of it for you.

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