Remote Viewing Explained

By J Lucas Cox

Many individuals are beginning to want to learn more about remote viewing, which some perceive as some sort of inner time machine. Actually, a psychic ability allows you to know the outcomes of future events. Things that, are not predictable all alone for some individuals.

Some individuals have the natural ability of remote viewing and are able to describe correctly items or places that are actually in other locations from where they are at the time. Remote viewing is somewhat similar to using dowsing rods to locate something, since dowsing rods search for something as does the person who is actively remote viewing.

The person who is experimenting with remote viewing is generally not limited to the current state of time. They can travel into the past or into the future in order to find the information they are seeking out. This has also been linked to astral travel when people have tried to compare it to something that people are more familiar with. The thing about this ability is that it has been said that just about anyone can remote view. You do not have to have some sort of unexplained psychic ability to take advantage of this skill or gift.

It is said that people who have experienced dj vu are tapping into this exact ability. Of course, there are going to be some people who are better at it than others. For some this ability of remote viewing can come about with very little practice while it can take years of dedicated practice for other people to be able to conquer it.

An example of a natural and easy remote viewing would be a father or mother who all of the sudden knows that their child is in danger even though they are miles apart. Or the young woman who suddenly knows that there has been a death in the family and can pin point who it was, even though there has not been any calls made yet to announce any such death. These types of incidents are believed to be cases, or examples, of remote viewing.

There are two ways to succeed in remote viewing. Some individuals have the ability to leave their body in spirit and then travel to a different location or place in time to observe something they wish to see. Others have the ability to simple see an object or place in their minds eye. When you are a remote viewer, you control your destination and have the ability to return to your beginning location or state.

You do not need to fear the ability to remote view; it is actually a natural occurrence. You can start learning how to remote view this very moment if you like. However, you do need a quiet area with no disruptions. Completely relax your body and then start to visualize another room in the house or an area close to you. Focus on various setting from your past and then go back a few more years to feel as though you are actually there at this time.

Then after a little while, work on remote viewing into the future. Start by seeing yourself happy a few years from the current year. Then slowly go ahead a few more years and then a few more years after that. With these practices, you should be able to conquer remote viewing in no time at all.

Some scientists consider that everyone could remote view in the past; however, the ability has been lost in time over the years. However, you can gain access to this forgotten ability when you learn to communicate with your subconscious mind.

Various aids can help you achieve remote viewing. For instance, hypnosis is one of the best ways to help you communicate with your subconscious mind. You may wish to visit with a professional hypnotherapist or you may wish to a hypnosis recording of remote viewing.

You can begin repeating simple affirmations in order to communicate with your subconscious mind or you may wish to try out some new audio technology, binaural beats that can tune your brainwaves into the right frequency to help you remote view.

Remote viewing may come naturally to you or you may struggle to achieve it. You may need to invest in some of the tools mentioned in order to succeed in remote viewing. However, you need to practice and be patient with yourself. When it comes to remote viewing, you have the ability to find objects, foresee future events and so much more!

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