Easier Than A Defamation Suit

By Matt Zackery

Defamation Suit Headaches

Sometimes bad news follows us around. With the Internet’s ability to remember ever little thing, that happens even more often. Someone doesn’t like you or your business and, whether that opinion is valid or not, they send out some kind of attack over the electric wires. And that’s the stuff that sticks around forever, haunting your reputation and damaging your business.

It’s not all monsters out there online to chew you up, though. What kind of a place would the Internet be? No, it’s a big electric nest for new ideas, so you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that solutions have sprung up. In this case, one solution is to recruit the aid of a reputation repair service. These businesses will scrub away the bad.

Defamation Suit Solutions

There’s a trick to making it work for you, of course. Sites get ranked on search pages based on how many sites link to it, so a reputation repair service can force negative stuff down by out-linking it with the service’s own generated content. The insults and potentially libelous stuff get forced from the limelight of those first search pages, 10-20 pages or more down, where they are forgotten.

It’s a solution that only could exist on the Internet. It’s familiar though — giving a good first impression. After that, you’re on your own. But at least it levels the playing field a bit, gets those few damaging comments off the radar and allows the rest of us to form our own opinion of who you really are. (Be on your best behavior.)

Reputation Repair vs a Defamation Suit

Let’s assume for the moment you’re the nicest person on the Web (which probably isn’t that hard to do, actually). You might still be a total unknown, which for a business is only slightly less bad than having a bad reputation. These reputation repair services can push that name of yours up the search results, giving you a good reputation where before you had, let’s face it, none.

The Internet may seem like one big crazy magic box at times, full of rules and regulations that perhaps don’t always make the most sense. It was designed a long time ago, and some of its oldest DNA is still at work. So you just have to take it and run with it. But don’t ignore it; you’ve got an online self in here, and if you own a business or a just trying to find a job you need to make sure you’ve got control of that image at all times. Keep in mind that more people may see it than see your actual real-world self. That’s the crazy thing.

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