Escort Passport 9500ix: Never Get A Speeding Ticket Using A GPS Radar Detector

By Tim Caroll

Do you think you’re a driving target for radar and also squad cars? Are you a new driver still learning to reign in your speed? Or perhaps are you the Dom Toretto street-racing kind who would instead slink around underneath the radar? Whatever your circumstances, it’s in your best interests to keep away from speeding tickets. However here’s the catch: You should always do so legally. Utilizing unlawful jammers and also illegal radar detectors will only get you busted double-time. What you ought to consider instead is a legal GPS radar detector to assist you detect possible speed traps and trouble spots for cops.

So just how would you know which GPS radar detector is the best for you? There are several to pick from, however rather than buy a GPS and purchase an alert system separately, you are able to purchase a GPS pre-loaded with all the current speed traps, red light cameras, possible speed zone risks, and much more already programmed into the software program. This is actually the best buy for your money.

There are a number of GPS brands suitable for radar detection systems like Escort. These include the Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom, most notably. You may get free updates for 6 months on these types of radar detecting GPS units as well, making this by far your best option.

If you’re not really interested in buying a full GPS radar detector, it’s also wise to know you may get the same kind of protection using a smart phone.

You realize you might be a good candidate for a GPS radar detector if you:

1. Have a tendency of speeding, even in known speed zone areas

2. Have a difficult time keeping up with distractions in a car like mobile phones, radio stations, other passengers, etc.

3. Have a background of getting speeding tickets

4. Are a new driver and would like to maintain your clean record

5. Wish to maintain your good driver status with your insurance

6. Desire to keep the insurance rates from increasing

7. Usually tend to get a “one-track mind” when traveling as well as fail to notice when you are entering a speed trap or perhaps coming up on a squad car

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